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Improve Your Clean Workshop

This 5 Session workshop will provide you with a deeper experience and  knowledge  of the Clean. This workshop uses goal specific drills that build on each other from session to session. Minimal experience in the clean is necessary - this is not for the athlete that has never cleaned before.

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10 Week Post-Fundamentals Program

You made it though the Fundamentals program and started taking classes - Congratulations! This program builds on the Fundamentals program and sets you up for success in your beginner classes. 

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Weekly Workouts, Personal Training, Workouts On The Go and More

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Increasing LGBTQ+ Visibility Through Fitness

Smash Your PRs

Looking to break PRs AND build serious muscle?

Join our 16-Week SMASH YOUR PRs program, one for beginners and one for more advanced lifters!

This program varies 3 or 5-days of weightlifting and strength exercises, with additional bodybuilding movements to build that summer bod too.

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"When I started CrossFit I asked Todd for a lesson to help me out, and ended up doing a weekly lesson for almost a year. He was extremely helpful and a fantastic teacher. Very thoughtful, smart and personable as well. I highly recommend him as a trainer!"

Ike B.

"We focus on the Olympic Lifts and Gymnastics on a weekly basis. I continue to be impressed by his depth of knowledge in both areas."

Scott B.

"Todd's methodical approach to building both strength & skill has helped me master the Clean, Handstands & even Muscle Ups"

Jon R.

"Todd’s down-to-earth, technical approach delivers results.  Weekly training sessions with Todd helped me improve strength, mobility and flexibility."

Colin D.