Strong | by TBM

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Have your workouts been stale for a while? Do you make it to the gym but then stumble around because you don't have a plan? Would you just like to get stronger? 

This is for you. Created by the programmer at the largest CrossFit in the world, I have been writing programming there for 2+ years and I'm excited to share that experience with you! 

Strong | by TBM is a monthly subscription service providing daily online strength and conditioning programming for the everyday athlete. 

Programming will have a heavy focus on strength training with enough conditioning to get your heart rate up and keep the lbs down. 

Each week athletes will receive five days of programming (with two rest days built in). Four days will have 2-3 strength portions and one conditioning piece. Most athletes should be able to finish it under 90 minutes. The fifth day will be all conditioning. 

Athletes will need access to the following equipment:

Plyo boxes
Medicine balls
Jump rope
Rowing machine

Beta Launch is Monday June 4th. If you have questions feel free to email: todd@tbmfit.com